I thought the second ensemble with cropped pants today was a perfect way to debut my new Mosaic print crops from Loft. Since the pants were printed, I went with the lightweight sweater option. I don't have anything in the light tan or taupe range, so I chose my cream linen handknit sweater instead. Admittedly, Angie's Mum would probably not have worn a sweater with intentional distressing and dropped stitches! (My own mother would be chasing after me with a needle and thread if she saw me right now...). For footwear, I am wearing my gold flat oxfords. I think the color and shape lend some femininity to a classically masculine footwear style. Since my shoes are flat and high-vamped, I rolled the pants hem once inside the leg - it's about 6" above my ankle. Unrolled, they are the 4" mentioned in the ensemble post but I thought that was a little long for these shoes. I have my big black tote today because I need to carry my laptop and haven't managed to find a suitable summer tote yet. If I wasn't going to work, I'd probably have paired this with my boho straw shoulder bag.

And enormous sunglasses of course! It's hard to tell here but they are tortoiseshell like the ones in the ensemble outfit.

(handknit linen sweater, Halogen layering tank, Loft pants, Born oxfords, and Longchamp bag).

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