Love these looks, as well as the notion of celebrating NYC. Silver is your friend. The back view of your hair is stunning; it catches the light. Great to see the denim jacket and the blazer. Enjoy the refreshing change of scene. Appreciate the review of Le B. Slow food is a special pleasure.

It looks like you had great fun in NY! Your hubby took a fab picture showing the back of the blazer, I initially thought that it looks like a pic from the sartorialist :).

The grey hair add an edge to the outfit, very rock and roll!

Amazing jacket on you Janet and lived the sound of the meal. What a treat for the soul to have this city break.

So fabulous in every way! Thanks for including YLF in your NYC fun :)! I love your denim look, and your dinner outfit sounds perfect (and that jacket is gorgeous--what a perfect debut for it!). I especially admire how you were able to bring lots of style to your daytime denim look, always a tricky needle to thread for me when I travel and need walkable outfits but don't want to give up totally on looking stylish, IYKWIM.

I am very jealous you ate at Le Bernardin! Probably the closest I will get to eating there is enjoying Eric Ripert on Top Chef, LOL, though my SO and I occasionally talk about doing a long weekend in NYC focused on art museums and dining. Maybe post-Covid....

Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments!

Today my outfit is very utilitarian — Athleta black Brooklyn pants and a grey V-neck Madewell tee, with my running shoes and a turquoise Patagonia lightweight backpack. I spent the day at the NY Botanical Garden and it was fabulous. Weather was spectacular, and the gardens and Kusama exhibit were pure joy. I logged about 7 miles of walking, and I’m now waiting for the train back to meet hubs for dinner (he had a business lunch today).

Last night I wore the same grey jeans from yesterday but changed into a simple black tee from ATM, the Tommy Hilfiger knit military jacket, and my black suede lug-soles boots. Added a cool statement necklace I got in Zambia that is made from snare wire reclaimed from an organization that works to stop poaching practices. No pics, but hubs assured me it was a good rock’n’roll outfit.

I think moving forward with my new hair, I may need to play up the edgier aspects of my style. It’s harder to do in summer. It helps me feel more like myself. The change in eyeglasses we discussed on the other thread is a part of that to be sure!

Amazing outfits, Janet. I love both of them. The blazer is so you. It looks great with the jeans. I had the AG Angel jeans. Now I regret passing them on.

Have you run into any Fashion Week stuff?

Sounds like you are having a blast. Your outfits sound very stylish and apt. I have also recently realised I need put on my more edgy accessories with my greying hair. A studded cuff, statement necklace or/and bold rings can quickly take an outfit out of possible frumpy territory to funky. Another thing I noticed is I am no longer so into big statement earrings (which I have always loved). Not sure if it is because my silver hair is already a statement or because of the new bolder specs I mentioned in your other thread.

Thanks, all!

Carla, I haven’t seen any official FW-related things in passing, that I’m aware of. We are staying right next to Central Park and some of the shows are there, but I think further north in another area. Some people on the street who look like they might be part of the scene, but here it’s hard to tell! The people watching is amazing and such a variety of styles.

@ Janet - thanks! Phil Oh just dropped pics in Vogue. Purportedly first time he’s photographed street style in 18 months.

Jacket love X 2. You always look so on trend and cool, Janet. Love your style!