...and thus, I don't wear shoes anymore?

Actually, I don't live anywhere near the beach, but I've mostly been alternating between the Born sandals here (which drive me crazy, because the center strap keeps slipping off-center) and my AllBirds tree runners, so you'll have to imagine these outfits with one or the other of those. The terribly messy backgrounds indicate the chaos we're in with three people in a one-person apartment right now. Not much longer!

I still haven't bought anything since getting here, but I've been doing a lot of people-watching and thinking about what's going to work/not in this new climate and location.

Photos #1-4 are of me.

#1 is what I wore to the beach after seeing the woman in #9.  I loved her breezy dress cover-up and hat. My dress is longer.  I don't think I'd want one quite as short as hers, but something slightly shorter would be more practical.

#2 was for the farmer's market down the street from our temporary apartment. I saw a lot more people wearing this kimono style in Colorado than here, but I still like it.

#3 is the Eileen Fisher jumpsuit I put on when I don't want to think about what I'm wearing. This was taken today. I wore it to the escrow office to sign papers for the new house.

#4 is just an easy summer formula with wide-leg pants and a linen shell. Both Eileen Fisher.

Photos #5-9 are street style.

#5-8 were all taken at Disneyland yesterday. I loved seeing women of all ages rocking skirts and dresses at the park. I think I need a printed summer dress.

#9 was at the beach and, as mentioned above, I copied immediately.

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