WOW to the WOW! The jumper is a work of art, and it looks terrific on you!

Wow, you are a super knitter! Useless to say, you look fabulous in that fabulous sweater.

Girl, that sweater is gorgeous and you look so pretty!

What an amazing sweater, the colours are fantastic on you. You really have a 1950's Glamorous Sweater Girl vibe happening, everything about this is perfect. I cannot imagine how much work was in this sweater. The buttons are the perfect finishing touch.

OMG that sweater is gorgeous, as are you! I’m seriously impressed with your skills.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words and compliments! It was such a joy to login and find your beautiful words here! And I’m so sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I feel like being a mom with a little one just makes life so busy!!! I feel like a drive-by poster, even though that isn’t my intention at all. So forgive me. And thank you all again! I love this community so much. It’s such a lifeline to post here, even occasionally, and tall style and fashion with such fab Fabbers <3

Wow the colours & detail on this are gorgeous - you've honestly changed my mind a little on such sweaters not suiting my pear/ hourglass figure. And it's nice to see someone else on the forum also rocking medium length dark curls - makes your whole look 'cosy'

Keturah, I must have missed this and I’m truly sorry. Your knitting skills look amazing! Even stitches, color shifts are smooth and it looks like it fits perfectly! I love the fair isle pattern paired with the chiffon. I admire mixed prints on others since I cannot pull them off myself.

Zaeobi, I am glad to have changed your mind! Looking at photos of real women in the 1940s, while they tended to be relatively lean, they also tended to be quite curvy and full at the same time--womanly, if you will. I think sweaters accentuate womanliness a lot, especially if they are fitted. There has been such a huge trend towards oversized sweaters for several years. I suppose it is very bohemian. And I love a more glamorous bohemian look. BUT... a well fitted sweater does so much for the figure, especially if hourglass or pear. I hope you will rock more sweaters! And thank you for the curl love! Curls are making a comeback and I love it <3

Staysfit, oh, do not worry! This forum is busy and I don't get on here regularly. (I wish to be on here more but sometimes I just can't get back for a few weeks or months.) Thank you for all your compliments <3