Glad you're back Angie, dress has a fab cut, colors and prints ++fits you marvellous!! Love all the stylings, too-no wonders -you're a pro- of course!!

I just fainted when I saw you in your Boss suit, and now I'm swooning again!-)
This dress is truly stunning as well, my word!!! The colours and pattern are so gorgeous! I love this length and silhouette on you!! Beautiful fabric too.

All the ways you are wearing it in the photos are just sooooo good.
This dress is another big winner for sure, woohoo!!

Thank you for the awfully kind complements, everyone. I am blushing

April, you have a great memory. YES, my Papa loved me in skirts and dresses, and I wore them a lot when I saw him recently. He would have approved of this dress. Hug back. xo