What a stunning dress, Angie! Talk about a no brained addition! It slips immediately into your wardrobe of complements!

Gorgeous dress on gorgeous you!

I would wear this! But of course I would style it darker It’s a great demonstration of how we make items unique to each of us by styling. YLF!

Oh I can’t wait for the navy!

Gorgeous dress. Gorgeous you! I like #8 and 9 the most.

Perfection! Love all the versions with special adoration for the gilet - so fabulous on you! Great dress - perfect for you.

You look so good in this dress, Angie--and super tall, like a basketball player! It's fun to see all these outfits you made with it. I really like your side-swept hair, too.

Do you know, this pattern reminds me of that H&M blouse and scarf a number of us had years ago -- I still have the scarf, as a matter of fact. It's not the same but it has many of the same tones and the energy of it is similar.

Patterned Scarf
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Gorgeous colour mixing and very fab style. Perfect for you. And your happy, bright smile is the best accessory.

Amazing!! You look great. I love every way you styled it!

Very nice. Pretty and versatile. I'm thinking how good it is going to look with your Converse High Tops. Love your leather jacket too. You are glowing in these pics.

Clicking away now, before I get the idea that an awesome burgundy & navy midi dress with sleeves could possibly be what I need!

What a gorgeous dress! I love the line of it, and the colors and pattern are so striking. All of your stylings are as always fantastic- I love the one with the gilet and combat boots so much. <3

You are beautiful. You should be a model because you wear clothes beautifully. I love this dress. I would love to find a dress for fall and winter.

Wow, wow, wow and wow. Those colors make you sparkle. What a great dress.

You look stunning in this dress, such a fabulous find. It is beautiful with your cream, light blue and ink support acts, from which it is too hard to pick a favourite.

Such kind and lovely complements. I enjoyed the few giggles too. Thank you!

Sounds like this dress could have ended up in many a fabber's wardrobes

Fun to hear that the gilet version is a forum fave! I like the dress worn on its own best, and with the three-item cream support act next.

Suz, yes, that scarf has the same energy. Good with your mustard bag.

You’ve really turned me onto blue and brown combination this last week. Love the dress with all white accessories.

That is a very elegant dress and so versatile.

A stunning outfit. I also have the gilet from six years ago and it looks amazing with the dress! Also love the other combinations!

I love your dress and it is gorgeous on you. Now I “need” a similar dress

Absolutely smashing on you Angie! Sort of Fuzzi-esque! You are finding the most perfect pieces lately. Many years of hard work and practice are rewarded and now the made for you pieces just fly to your fingers like magic.

What a beautiful dress, and it’s so versatile! So many ways to style it, and it can be worn across seasons.

Your awfully kind words make my smile. Thank you for taking the time to share them

Wow, is that ever a gorgeous dress on you, Angie! Fab print and silhouette. You are always such a treat for the eyes! Love!

It’s so pretty on you! Mirjana is right - you do look like a movie star!


JAileen, hardly a star, but a very good dog walker!

Love, love, love!!

Your smile and happiness in this outfit really stands out I love how you showed it transitioning from summer to fall. I need to do more of that. And I love how the gilet breaks up the pattern! I’m going to try that trick…

The gorgeousness has been abundantly noted above.

Wanted to add that I am betting this dress was a favorite of your dear papa, who liked seeing you in skirts and dresses. <hug>

Wow, that is a gorgeous dress! Love the way it works with so many of your existing pieces - really demonstrates the value of having cohesive complements.