It was on this blog that I found out that Trinny, of Trinny and Susannah fame, was posting her second hand clothes online. That got me thinking that I should look online for second hand clothes. I found the following 4 things at The Real Real. They were in exactly the condition shown in the pictures. The pictures are so detailed, much higher resolution than Nordstrom etc., So I felt confident ordering.

At about the same time, I had also been doing a "soul searching" deep dive into how I wanted to present myself this year. I came up with "soft natural" and then promptly purchased two items that were waaaay outside the "soft natural" moniker (a pink Zara jacket that was too crisp, and a sweater dress that was too sporty). I returned those items. I hope that I can nip those impulses in the bud the next time instead of going through the tedious and somewhat shameful Buy-return cycle.

I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bag and shoes. They are exactly what I wanted and they are virtually new. The shoes are so dainty, which is what I wanted after a full year of mostly-sneakers. (Yes, and comfortable too guys :-).)

The bag is especially well made with a leather lining and really nice, tough-but-soft leather.

I don't LOVE the belt but it's just a belt.
I also don't LOVE the grey sweater because it is just a grey sweater but it is a nicer-for-me essential in a cashmere/linen blend. (For reference, I normally just get the $50 merino tshirts at Banana Republic.)

This is my first foray buying anything remotely luxury. I want to see if maybe buying luxury brands will put an extra spring in my step knowing that I have something really great. I also want to test whether buying online will make me stay focussed on my "soft natural" goal. I think so.

Do you find online shopping helps you to stay on track?

ETA: The other thing I wanted to ask was: if you have purchased anything 'luxe', did you think it was worth it? (It's ok if you say, "no" :-).)

Neckerchief: echo, Nordstrom
Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes: Lanvin, second hand
Belt: brunello cuccinelli (sp?) second hand
Sweater: Inhabit, second hand
Bag: Prada, second hand

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