Runcarla, this happens to my students too.
Frankenstein is an interesting story for millenials because it connects with them is special way. As a monster, Frankenstein also represents something inanimate that becomes animate; this at the time of Industralization. Factories replaced agricultural work, everybody moved massively to the cities. Whereas before, the artisan had been master of his shop, manipulating his trusted tools with art, now the worker was made servant to impersonal, big factory machines that could accomplish the work of many men at once. There was an ambivalent feeling then towards these mechanized silent metal beings: were they benevolent, bringing progress and wealth, easing lives and promises of a better world, or were they evil beasts that took away craftsmen’s livelihoods, crushed families and lives, and could quite literally gobble up someone’s leg or arm within its sharp, engineered fangs ...? This ambivalence made its way into fiction and especially in fantastic literature, where new monsters arose, inanimate beings who were magically, mysteriously given A life if their own: golems, vampires, Frankenstein and the likes. Eerily, similar to automated machines, these creatures had no conscience, but certainly the ability to move on its own and help or kill...
Now young generations of the 21st century are in the midst of another revolution and their world as they know it is transformed rapidly by a new entity: AI
Rach, I’ll sorry for having hogged your thread with this long comment.

Oh yes! I see Annie Hall, too! I hear you about the theater growing more hot during the evening -- this is really common, unfortunately, so I always feel like I need to layer!

Beth Ann, ohmigosh, yes it was positively stifling at the end. I don’t suppose it’s hard to heat and cool big spaces like that.

Krishnidoux, no no. That’s exactly right. These things inform everything - including fashion. The costuming and set were amazing.

You know, I was in fact wondering if the current crop could stage something like Giselle as well as Frankenstein. You have to understand to do these ballets. One of the worst things I ever saw was the Chinese ballet doing Giselle - they were fantastic doing their Red March piece, completely confused with the idea of romantic love gone wrong, lol. They didn’t even seem to get the tutus. In this Frankenstein, I note, their were no tutus. None of that ‘strange’ short netting sticking straight out from the body.

Maybe Coppelia is an old ballet the young peeples would do well...

Re: youth’s seeming craving for religion and art: 2 things AI can’t do (so far).

Oh, I LOVE this outfit! One of your best ever. The stripes, the white footwear, the flares - the is perfect for the opera house! Romantic and a bit 70s glam trashy and fabulous.

Thx, Suz!

I was just looking at the pics again. I’m thinking I should have worn jewelry. My rubies. More 70s bling (!) Milleniumhand shrimp. Missed opportunity!

Love this so much! You are just too cool in stripes and polka dots.

Love! The white boots bring out the patterns and the fur and you are absolutely fabulous!

Thank you Debora! Thank you Shevia!

Cute ensemble. I like your colour mix and pattern mix.

Regarding the scuffs on your white boots: Perhaps you are able to "repair", or rather camouflage, them with nail polish in a suitable colour? I sometimes do this with footwear, belts and bags, securing them a longer life for a small amount of money.

I’m gonna try it, The Cat!!

So much better than I even could anticipate! Crazy stylish look!

Super outfit, Rachylou! You look so great. I love the suit, the coat you chose, the long blouse worn out with the scarf, white boots! Everything is just terrific together.