Okey dokey! This is what I wore for the ballet. Frankenstein btw was excellent. High production values, great stagecraft, well danced (they’re doing lifts again, yay!), lovely music. I was pleasantly pleased.

I was very happy with this outfit, altho it’s subdued in my book. It was comfortable as well - up to the walking and warm enough. Had a bit of panic yesterday because it was POURING rain. However, today was very springlike and the evening, when the ballet let out, warmed up.

I was hoping to have time to curl my hair, but the Twitter went out that there was to be a rally. So went by train two and half hours early... and of course the rally turned out nano and we could have driven. Haha!

Only saw two pairs of black jeans. Everyone was dressed neatly and several gussied up. I even saw two fur coats. But my how times have changed! No jewelry, no makeup, no satin.

Last thought: I think I like to see nylons with evening sandals in winter... it may be fuddy, but when I say it was a warm evening, this is a relative warm... jus’ sayin’... lol...

ps: boy the opera house got HOT after the second half!