I love this time of year when the weather is (mostly... it's snowing again right now) mild. It means I can wear my favorite formula. I've been taking advantage of it in a major way.

#1 Blue jeans, black tee, olive jacket. I almost swapped the black wool hat for my new straw summer hat, but it was a cloudy, dreary day, and my mind couldn't wrap itself around the idea of a straw hat and no sunshine.

#2 Denim jacket and bling formula. Last time, I wore a graphic tee, but this is the exact same outfit with a plain one. I was just as satisfied with it.

#3. Black jeans, silk blouse, and ponte jacket for volunteering. Sort of a last minute outfit, as I really, really wanted to wear a skirt today. When I woke up to a forecast of 45mph wind gusts, I decided that wasn't the best idea. Also, my hair's (just barely) long enough for a top knot now! Also also, I did have makeup on for most of the day, but a combination of a tearjerking novel and some disheartening news erased it all.

Comments/critique/favorites/least favorites all welcome. I know some of these felt better than others to me, but I'm going to hold back on which for now, because sometimes my thoughts about myself are judgey and inaccurate.  

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