Last week, that is! Still trying to catch up. Especially because I have a couple of HEWI's I'm dying to show off, plus a big shoe order on the way.

I would love to hear any comments/suggestions.

#1-2, March 8: This is a simple outfit; cobalt blue tee with lace overlay yoke, black skirt, wide black belt. I paired it with the black and white flats for a change, though. Over it I wore the short black moto again. The scarf was only for the walk from my car, but it was rather a fun touch. Oh, and I wore different shoes for the walk, because it had been raining, could rain again, and I didn't want to mess up the other shoes.

Oh, and note the long curl... [foreshadowing]

#3-5, March 8 (choir): It was a pretty stressful day. (Totally apart from the tornado warning at work, which was actually pretty cool.) I really needed to wear the Mucha Leia shirt. And definitely sneakers. But not jeans! But it was too chilly for bare legs, wah! I settled on this combination: "pomegranate" tee, gray skort, black leggings, white sneakers, and gray jacket. Oh, and a random orange lipstick that doesn't look as bad on me as I thought it would. This outfit felt very good to wear, and I thought it was cute, but it pushes a couple boundaries: Except in a print, I don't like to wear more than 3 colors in an outfit, and this has 5. (!) Except for the tee, it's all neutrals. Scary! But nobody at choir blinked twice, so I guess it was fine. (Or they're used to me showing up in really random stuff.)

#6-9, March 9: I felt so pretty in this! I've worn the skirt a fair amount, and have a tricky time matching the colors; they are a surprisingly intense blue and blue-green with some black. It's pretty good with royal blue.

Circle skirts, while fun to wear, can feel really dowdy with flat shoes. But these! The sharp points and ankle straps made me feel so happy and dancer-ish. I think the feel of the strap over tights felt to me just like pointe shoes. It's certainly not the look, because pointy toes are not ballet shoes. Whatever the reason, this was a winner to me. I think I did a lot of swishing that day.

Also, it's been chilly enough in the mornings to justify wearing the Green Riding Hood. (I feel like a cross between Little Red and Robin Hood in it, with a dash of Luke Skywalker when the hood is up.) I think my previous WIW's have only shown it over jeans, but this is how it looks over a full skirt. It's about the only kind of coat that fits over a full skirt, to be honest. Good thing I like it.

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