Well you know what I think Please keep & love because the boots are amazing on you - such a great outfit. I have worn mine x3 & have had so many compliments. Can you try them with some of your fall-back clothes - it may be that the different style of jeans & the floral boots were a bit of a stretch on that particular day?

Thanks Caro. I am keeping the boots alright! I think you are spot on that it was the pairing with the cropped jeans, which is also a new look for me, that was a bit of a stretch for my confidence. I have cuffed jeans I can try them with that I like better. I also like the boots with bare legs and a skirt but it's a bit cool for that. It's so fun to have a forum twin!
Thanks Angie. I take your point about the length of the jeans. Because they are loose they tend to slip down a bit during the day, making them longer. I will try a single cuff.
And thanks Smittie, Jenn, Robin, Vildy, Suz, Tanya, Delurked, Sara, JAileen, Lisa, Bonnie and Shedev. Your comments are a real boost

Love the idea of pairing boots with cropped pants. Have never tried that before. It looks great. I am sure people were admiring you on the train.

Fabtastic from head to toe!
Just curious- what are you wearing under the boots?
I find with cropped pants that this is an issue when sitting - when a gap of skin/hose or sox becomes visible between the boot and hem.

*copy and paste for future reference*

Floral boots are crazy - and in the best way. You look terrific here !

Thanks Lisa. I will take crazy good!
Thanks Lyn. I am wearing knee high hose. The boots are tall enough that there was no gap. But the hose does help to prevent a draft. I agree it's an issue.
Thanks Stephanie.

Add me to the "ooh! Aah!" chorus!

Wear them with a skirt or dress to showcase them even more. You scored.

Great outfit, glad you are keeping the boots. Jeans are a good choice too.

When you're good you're good! I love the idea of the boots with a skirt.

I CANNOT even begin to articulate how much I love everything about this ensemble. It is perfection.

They're spectacular Brooklyn! I like Angie's suggestion of one roll to showcase them a little more.

I'm with Rachel on the skirt. I would love to see them with a skirt or dress.

Thank you for your enthusiastic response Sterling. I've had a bad day and your comments just improved it big time
And thank you Denise, Rachy, Ledonna and AG.
You guys sure know how to give a gal a boost!
Ledonna, I thought of you when I was on the train wearing my "bold" boots. I tried to (mentally) embrace my style the way I think you embrace yours. I love your confidence!

Sorry to leave you out Coco. We cross posted. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I will definitely be trying them with a skirt soon.

Love those boots! To me, they almost read as a neutral, kind of like leopard print. I love the sweater, necklace and the jacket. All perfection. Those booties would look great with a midi LBD, too! I'm on the fence about the jeans, because you are so long and lean I'd love to see you in crops that are a bit darker and fit closer to the body. I have tried on but not purchased the Rag and Bone ones that are a darker wash. (I'm only 5' 2" so I'm really hesitant to try this silhouette). I originally thought cropped flares would look good only if the ankle were exposed, but these high-vamp closer-fitting boots are giving me another idea, so thanks for that!!!!

Thanks ttw. It's funny you should say that about the wearing the boots with a midi dress. That's exactly what I have in mind. And I hear you about the jeans. But I do think a looser style will be handy in warm weather. Good luck with your cropped jeans search!