Lovely to see these looks. My picks are 2, 5, 8, 9, 10.

I love the way you wear the black skinnies, they do have a retro edge. And the denim on denim is great because it is not at all "Western Tuxedo".

Do you wear sneakers Aida? I could see a pair working so well with the first look.

I love the fit on the shorts too, and the colour is great, very sophisticated. The fit on these (Which I think you wore last summer) was the inspiration for a new pair for me last season.

Thank you for the lovely detailed comment Sal. I don't wear sneakers often, primarily for active weekend days so they're a bit grubby. Now that warmer weather is around the corner I'm sure my sneakers will get pulled out more often. I did post some summer looks last year which show them in action but they are definitely not my first choice I think some of those leather sneaks could be fun with #1 if I ever got ahold of such a thing! FUN that you got a pair of shorts similar to these, they are soooo comfortable on hot days. Did you enjoy wearing them?

Thanks Aida. I did enjoy wearing them. On me I wore them mostly with pointy flat loafers and a black knit vest/tank as per this post.

I think you tend to more dressy footwear so I can see why sneakers are not your first choice.

Oh those look fab! So fun paired with the black printed top and nude footwear, I'm all over that look ^^ Can see those also being worn with a breezy cotton top and low-profile sneaks or slip-ons. I'm definitely a sucker for dainty, pretty shoes -- which tends to be troublesome when I actually need to wear something more "rugged" like sneakers! I'm slowly making the adjustment, heh.

So good to see you, Aida! I'm loving you in a hat, and with the great bird sweater and the shorts, particularly! I do love a novelty print that is also elegant, and the bird sweater exceeds the standard!

Very nice 9 is awesome!

Gorgeous ouitfits Aida! I've been so used to Instagram lately that I'm itching to use some emojis here Lots of heart eyes...hehe!