Lovely, summery outfit!

So lovely to see you again, Inge - it has been too long!!!
White and pale blue- such a fresh and summery outfit. but the booties take the cake for me - beautiful!
Yes, I would love to see VG bag with this outfit too - is this the one you took to dinner?
And - yay - AG loafers! I can see them at last!!! Gorgeous!!

Love this, Inge! We just got an H&M and they have a very similar shirtdress... too long for me, sadly.

I love how the crispness of the booties and jeans contrasts with the softness of the dress (color and silhouette). You look great!

Oh, boy! A WIW from Inge! This outfit is fantastic, Inge. I love it all. The dress is so fun--pretty, arty, and so nice on you. The boots are awesome, and those loafers! What luck to find them both at a going-out-of-business sale. Wish our local AGL offerings included such treasures. (Of course they'd be out of my price range--I'd have to find them at a clearance sale!)

Wow, a rare but equally fab wiw from Inge! You sport that dress, like nobody else! very fresh, very edgy! Wow!:-)

You guys, you are making me blush!! Thanks so much everyone!

Staysfit - The elastic insets are indeed blue (depending on the light they can look sky blue or more grayish blue, but definitely a fantastic detail). I was actually wondering about the same thing. I went looking for the booties and loafers online because I wanted to add them to my Finds, but couldn’t find them anywhere. Maybe they were from past seasons? So not sure you’d still be able to find them-(

Shannon - You make me smile

Beth Ann - Ooh, now I want a garden to have tea in

Sara L., Aida, and Smittie - I will wear it as a dress on its own when it’s very warm. (It looks fun with loafers, for example, to Aida's point), but it’s not my most flattering look, with the dress being quite short. So not sure I want to post a picture of that on the interwebs

Lisa - Hah! It’s so annoying, isn’t it!

Angie - *smile*, and I like that you think it has a Scandinavian vibe. Thank you. LOTS of fantastic memories from our Amsterdap trip linked to this fun frock for sure. And high five, I actually did sport my Van Gogh bag with this outfit.

Joy - Wow, thank you!

Cloud9 - I do love the look, and hope you give it a try too.

Bonnie G - Holding thumbs you’ll find a good dress soon. Can’t wait to see your version.

Irina - So strange that COS isn’t present in Canada. Soon hopefully!

AJ - *nodding* Awesome memories, which make me smile each time I sport these shoes.

Aida - I had a hunch the colour palette would appeal to you;-) And yes! The blue shining through the perforations really helped seal the deal too.

Karie - High five, that’s what drew me to this dress too.

Lisap - LOL:-)) I spilled my tea reading your comment.

Sveta - Way too long indeed!-( And yep, I did sport the Van Gogh bag with this outfit for dinner. The colours go so well together.

Una - Ah, that’s a shame. Hopefully they’ll get something similar in in a shorter length for you soon.

Sharan - I know, I couldn’t believe my luck either (I think I need to go on walks with Angie and Greg more often, they obviously bring excellent shopping luck!-) I am definitely keeping my eye on AGL from now on, and will shout if I see something interesting at a good price.

Shevia, Ryce, Word Lily, Diane, Celia, Jules, Style Fan, Winchime, Aliona, torontogirl, Adelfa, and Lyn, thank you all so much for the sweet comments.

Thanks for the info on the shoes Inge. They're a great find for your wardrobe. Now that I've seen them I'm going to be forever searching for something similar! :-).

Love the colour combination on you - so fresh and summery. And I'm drooling over your boots too.

Oh Inge - a WIW from you! What a treat! Those booties, those booties!!! Wow!!! Did you ever score on the booties & shoes! Love the entire outfit. Thanks for sharing

Wow Inge - you look beautiful in this outfit! That dress is perfection - love the color and the style! And those boots are killing me! Iwantthem! So nice to see one of your WIWs - please post more often!

Beautiful outfit Inge, in all its simplicity - very easy on the eye with the gentle colours, clear yet soft lines. I love just how summery it looks even though you're wearing booties.
Lovely hair too.

Missed this!
YLF Inge

Love this outfit on you, Inge!

Love the colors, pieces and silhouette, Inge. The booties rock my world. I am assuming that they are super comfortable as AGLs tee. Enjoy!

Late to the Inge party, but boy, you are a breath of fresh air it this sweet outfit! What a score you made. I'm a big AGL fan myself, so can imagine those gorgeous booties are also super comfy. Hope to see you again soon on one side of the world or the other

Staysfit - Hah! Been there, done that-( I will absolutely keep an eye out for you too.
Marley - I will try, promise:-)
Eliza & Ann - Oh yes, they are so, so, so comfortable, it's liking walking on little clouds.
Ann - Wish we could go shopping together and have a chat over a nice cup of tea right this second! Hopefully very soon, indeed!-)

Missvee, Jackie, Ornella, Lyn, and Judy - Thank you so much!-)

Sorry I missed this Inge. You look fantastic - I love that blue on you.

Inge- I'm going to hold you to it girlfriend! Too long since I've enjoyed Benelux