Love the green jersey top and the tan jacket especially.
I had a lol moment with your dark green velvet love. I hope you find that jacket. Maybe you can find a tailor. ....
I haven't seen the show (YLF is my 'screen time ') but you are so good at this game. Minimalist tailored classic!

I don't know the show but these outfits on you? Stunning all around!

Thanks Helen. I figure this is one place where there is no shame in fessing up to love of green velvet!
Thanks Skylurker, Donna and chouette22!
Thanks Angie. You are so lovely!
Thanks greenjeans. Mine don't have a zip. They have an elastic panel running down the back. The elastic has stretched a little over time - especially behind the knee from sitting down. I don't find them hard to get on but, yes, harder than a zip. Are you trying yours on over tights or leggings? That should help them glide over your legs. (I mention this because I know it's hot there and you might be tempted not to!) Do they feel good when they are on? Not too tight? Mine feel good on and I think that's critical.

I love this look. You just put together a whole week or more of work outfits....Delphine is very polished and these outfits look polished.
Sarah and her style is my favorite and I liked your take on her too....better for the pub than work maybe.

First you crack me up with your comment about "dark green velvet" (which I'm now going to be searching for myself like some holy grail) and then you completely wow me with every outfit. You look stunning. Alluring, yes, in #1 (which is not easy to do in cold-weather clothing, said by one who actually DOES need that darned Helena parka). And I'm still in awe of that amazing cold -shoulder layering thing. What makes you and Deb so clever at this layering business, I wonder. Is there something magic in the Australian water? I am studying this carefully. It won't work exactly the same way on me because I'm so much shorter and not as slim but we do have the same general body type so I hope to pick up some tips.

Orphan Black is clearly a show I need to watch. Set in Toronto, hmmm.

Thanks Suz. Let me know if you find my holy grail I am very flattered by your comments and the comparison to Deb. As to the vest with cold shoulder, couldn't you do this look indoors? Obviously you would have to layer outdoors (and so do I). I think the long vest/gilet look is very forgiving weight wise (not that you need to worry about that - I think you are slimmer than I) plus most women have nice shoulders so it's seems like a win win. In fact I just realised I have yet to wear the cold shoulder top without some kind of sleeveless layer over it because it's quite body con and I like to make it a more fluid fit. And I am glad you are considering trying out Orphan Black. It's a lot of fun.
Thanks Sally. I think you are right. Sarah is much better for pub/club wear. It was actually quite hard for me to do Sarah in a work appropriate way. Delphine was easier.

Such beautiful outfits hun,XXX

Yep, you nailed it again. The skirt length is soooo Delphine. You even got the hair right!

Delphine hair!!! That makes my day Anna. She has great hair. Thank you! And thanks Paula!