I hope tubes will never date!!!!:-)) YLF!

Hahaha, the mask sure provides that elusive 2020 touch ;).
Seriously though, I think those shoes and the pattern mix with the graphic tee bring your tube firmly in the now. Love this outfit!

Doesn't look dated to me, although I'm not exactly an expert on trends, because I honestly don't care that much about them, especially now. I do think this outfit is totally FAB, especially the pattern mixing between the tee, the stripes on the skirt, and the snakeskin print on the sneakers. The white belt is a great addition too. As you said "office appropriate" has a whole new meaning now. As long as it's reasonably presentable, what's important is that it makes you feel good and maybe even cheers up your co-workers as a side benefit.

And I love the tee!! I've been looking for a good source of interesting graphic tees and RedBubble looks like just the thing - so thanks!

Fun outfit - love your sneaks!

So cute!! It feels pretty classic, but the way you've styled it is fashion forward, Mary. I love the leopard one, too...looks like they only have petites left...need missy. The price is amazing!

I thought the point of the blog post was that "dated" is a dated concept!

Anyway, the tube skirts might have been all the rage on here, but I'm beyond skeptical that anyone will look at it and think, "wow that's about 4 years old, I know exactly when she bought it. Four years, how terrible!"

If you know someone who does, they have bigger problems than fashion.

Peri, we all have bigger problems than fashion these days, for sure!

Still have my VC tube skirts and still wear them! I can’t seem to give them up.

I think this looks great! You wear the skirt well. I love the belt with it. Stripes are timeless, and as others have mentioned, nineties style is making a comeback, so the tube skirt should fit right in.

Not dated at all! Sport bombshell suits you so well.

Fabulous, you need the leopard skirt too.