Hi all

Bit cooler here lately so I have been wearing jeans for the first time in ages. I was keen to try wearing my jeans cuffed after seeing the look here on LisaP, Aida and others.  Cuffing appeals to me more than actually hacking my jeans (although I have done this to one pair) because it gives me the option of wearing the jeans full length too. So, for instance, I can walk my dog with the jeans full length in regular flat shoes then turn the cuffs up and put on boots to go out. (I don't mind changing shoes during the day, but I hate changing bottoms.)

So I wore these jeans on a date with DH. We went ten pin bowling followed by lunch. Pic 3 is in the wild.

Alas there were no stylish high shaft bowling shoes available that would enable me to "close the gap" between my cuffed, cropped jeans and my shoe, so I simply closed the gap by folding the cuff back down (pic 4). And look, the shoes bookended my top! Who said bowling shoes were unstylish?

So, apart from the bowling shoes, how did I do? Would I have been better off wearing an outfit like that shown in pic 5 (taken at the bowling alley). Apparently it is what all the fashion forward ten pin bowlers are wearing these days.

Outfit details:

Jeans: Rag & Bone straight leg (older)

Top: Sportscraft (current)

Bag: Faith (from ASOS) (current)

Shoes: Luxury Rebel (older)