Here are three outfits I wore last week right after Angie's twinset blog post (Wednesday morning running errands, Wednesday evening walk, Thursday morning dentist). These were my first "real" outfits after shedding the mourning black. I failed to take photos at the time and did so subsequently, forgetting to include the bags. I am looking for your input about some jeans-related issues.

This is a pretty simple formula: twinset, jeans and casual shoes ( sandals or sneakers). The mornings were relatively chilly, so the orchid BP and lavender Zara twinset worked, despite being on the chunkier/warmer side. The sage Loft twinset is thinner, and was fine for the warmer evening. I am showing the outfits without cardis, too, so that you can see the cuts of the tanks and fits of the jeans. However, I would not wear the orchid tank on it's own, as it is both too cropped and too skimpy. I would also not wear it with any bottoms that are not as super high waisted as the jeans in the outfit.

Jeans & questions:

1) Frame paperbag striped jeans: these were bought earlier in the spring after long search for paperbag jeans that are not pleated. Paperbag waists are supposed to work well on my very long torso, and I think that is indeed the case here. I am open to more bottoms of this type, assuming I find any that are not pleated. The jeans are actually "rolled under" and in my bag to be brought to the tailor for hemming, as their actual length is about 2" longer. I think that this length is correct, but feel free to comment on it.

2) J Crew cream eyelet cropped flares, 100% cotton. These were bought last summer when I was a size bigger. Thus they are both too big and too long. I put them in the drier on hot hoping for shrinkage. It did work somewhat - they shrank maybe half a size and the length became fine. However, they did relax some after wear. It has been a long time since I had 100% cotton jeans, so I forgot how they behave. Do you think it is worth putting them in the dryer again or have they already shrank as much as they will? They are currently quite loose around the waist and hips and need tailoring ( I am fine with looser legs). Also, since they seem to relax with wear, if I bring them to the tailor, should I do it right after washing or after some wear?

3) Frame "lizard" coated straight jeans. I have stalked these and bought them at the end of winter, as I found the lizard coating super cool. I like coated jeans, however most are thick and solid winter jeans, and these are regular/thinner denim. Again, they need hemming, so I played with cuffing. I realized that I don't like cuffing on this particular pair, because of the relatively wide leg opening, high contrast, and casual look on otherwise dressier jeans. Thus they will be hemmed to the length shown here, which I hope is fine.

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