You're welcome, my dear Kat

Katerina, these outfits may push your usual style boundaries, but you totally own the casual look, with your signature polish and flair. I LOVE them! If I have to pick a favorite, I think it is number 4 with the gold bag and cognac boots. Way to knock weekend casual out of the ball park!
I tend to think you could throw on a burlap sack, add one of your structured jackets, a scarf, a brooch, boots and a bag and still have people drooling over your outfit.

Mainelady, thank you for the fantastic compliments! I am humbled. You are too kind as always.

I love these jeans on you! They are really fun and look great with the bright colors. Keep wearing them for sure!

I love your selection of large size (silk?) scarves! Where do you buy them, if I may ask?

Hi Synne! Thank you. Actually, I buy them wherever I can, Lol.

No seriously - I have collected scarves for many years and bought them in various places - outlets, second hand shops, museum shops, some are travel souvenirs, some are gifts... I am always on lookout for interesting large scarves.

OMG, I don't know how I missed this post, gorgeous outfits, lovely jeans, (almost all my jeans are H&M), I love these one suit you perfect. You style is fantastic, and you look wonderful in all outfits.

Thank you Mirjana, you are so kind!

You made those jeans (fab BTW) and shirt work for you in your usual Katrina style which means absolutely terrific. Loved all your outfits but especially the jeans with the yellow scarf and the shirt with those great wide leg pants.

Lynn, thank you so much for the great compliments!

Your jeans outfit looks like what a fashion editor would wear while attending shows during fashion week! I LOVE this outfit! The yellow,jacket is amazing. This whole,series is aspirational. Thank you for sharing your WIW's with us.

Well how gorgeous are you! I love that you have raided your son's wardrobe, I am sure he never looked as wonderful in that shirt as you do... well given he has your genes, he probably looked great too. I love the new jeans, you make them look very polished and it is a fun juxtaposition to see them with your stunning jackets, bags and accessories. Your hair looks fab too.

Carla and Bijoux, thank you so very much. I am humbled by your fantastic feedback and compliments. You are too kind.

You lucky girl to have a DS with such a great taste and to inherit his things:-). Love the insert of yellow for any spring outfit-and that palid shirt is such an unexpected combo, so all your outfits here are looking smashing, really! I don't wear jeans too often, either-except some black coated and some white ones for summer, but you inspired me to try blue ones, again:-)

ETA-I see you wore them with grey booties here(which I think is key!) but I don't have at the momemt, so will keep in my mind this one for a good styling when my times come, too:-)

Lyn67, thank you for the nice comments! You are very kind. About the boots - I used the grey boots to echo the grey colour in the shirt, but I think the type of outfit would work well with navy, white, cream boots too. Or red or metallic - thinking of Angie’s post today. I hope you start wearing blue jeans soon and post an outfit - look forward to it. Love to you!