My boyfriend jeans are getting worn to death in this lovely fall weather!

#1-2 cream fluid sweater with the boyfriends. It has a chevron back, which I think makes it more interesting.

#3-4 Burgundy sweater with longer jeans that I think still have the boyfriend vibe. New plaid belt that I picked up at GoodWill. It's super cheap quality, but I like the pattern.

#5, 8 Black/white criss cross top (with zippers on the shoulders). Also a recent GoodWill find.

#6-7 Vintage black suede lace-up booties. Are they beatle-esque or witchy? They're really comfy, and I think I'll consider them a beatle placeholder unless you tell me they're awful (are they?)

#8-9 WIWing today: A tire-print tee with boyfriends (again) and brown accents. I've been playing with warm and cool tones lately, and think that I generally like to wear cool tones but include warm and/or bright accents. So this is playing with that concept. Also, we're leaving on a little road trip in a couple of hours, and I couldn't resist wearing a "road trip" tee. Does the mix of warm and cool tones work here?

Have a good weekend you all! I'll be offline until next week.

Oh, and if you don't mind letting me know what works and doesn't, I'd be so grateful

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