Everything is crazy at work and home! I haven't been able to post or comment or peruse like I would have liked to for the last month or so. My work has its difficulties and I'm in charge of the legwork to change the partnership to a sole proprietorship and get all the taxes correctly credited for the past four months. Add in a downsizing and move to a space that is half our former size. We cannot afford to hire help and have been tearing up our carpet tiles to reuse and taking apart cubicles and such and putting them back together ourselves and trying to sell everything we don't have space for. Both my husband (at his job) and I have been working double time without the pay : ( And he's trying to recover from a back injury that he should not have been working through. I hope it all comes out okay and I can't wait to be able to focus on my gardening and lawn and closet! (and running and mountain biking!)
When Angie posted this ensemble I immediately pulled out a skirt I was planning to purge. (I tried it on a few weeks ago with some green ankle strap pumps and thought I might finally have found a way to wear it). It is an orange/peach cut out. I paired it with a light blue crop top and thought this might work! I have been wearing jeans and really comfortable shoes to work these last weeks (Also had to be careful of the carpet removal stickiness-we brought over some of the old carpet from the new space to make "bridges" over the "hot lava" as we like to joke.) so when I saw today was supposed to reach a high of 85F I needed a quick outfit and I really wanted to be cool and not wear jeans and wear an open toe shoe that was comfortable. Good thing too as we did not have air in the suite and it was quite stifling! Much hotter inside than out. I did not wear the jacket inside, only for the trip to work and to the grocery store afterwards as it was already dark and cooled off quite a bit. After a full day of bending, squatting and lifting boxes I now notice how wrinkly my pants got! I also notice how long this is....sorry!
Also....any comments on the pant length? : )

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