I will be completely absent for the next week. Not that I was very active lately anyway but I am leaving for a business trip on Sunday morning and I am afraid I won't be even able to check the blog!
So I am throwing in my WIW for the last 2 weeks before I am off to pack...

pic 1
Debut of my new burgundy Naya booties. The light was not the best - can you see my burgundy colored tights too?

pic 2
This is one outfit I felt good in until I saw a picture afterwards. I envisioned these cropped trousers to play well with tall boots but alas, their length is not right. They should have been a bit longer or shorter to clear the top of the boots completely. As is they got caught in the boot tops all the time and drove me crazy...Also I liked the t-neck with this leather jacket in the mirror but I am not sure about them together in the picture. Too preppy?BTW, these are my old boots I have cleaned some time ago and posted about Not exactly like new but much better I think.

pic 3
I liked this one, the only problem was that I was too cold in this "hole-y" sweater with just a cami underneath These are my new Paige Skyline straight jeans I bought in summer with Jonesy - their first time out!

pic 4
One of those very simple outfits I feel good in. If you cannot see it the tank I am wearing on top of the shirt is silver lurex.

pic 5
I was in a playful mood for a polka dot skirt! I tried to wear pearls with this outfit but then Angie's "arm candy" post came to mind. I have never worn a bracelet and a ring together before, they seemed like too much. This time however I liked it - go bold or go home! I put on earrings too but they felt like too much so it was just the arm candy for me that day.

pic 6
I love my wide leg trousers! Every time I wear them I feel like I can take on anything! Speaking of which maybe I should pack them for my trip, which is going to be a handful...:-)

Sorry for the post and run and I apologize in advance if I won't be able to reply for the comments. My plane is leaving at 6AM on Sunday and tomorrow is going to be chock-full day of getting ready for it.
See you in a week!

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