It's been a while, eh? As most of you know, my work is very casual (I essentially work from home) but I still like to dress up! When I last posted, I had commented on how I was starting to divide my outfits into actual work and weekend "styles", primarily to split up my style personas and achieve more cohesion. "Work" gets my more urban/70s glam and experimental outfits, and "weekend" gets my more boho/rugged and also extremely simplified outfits (hubby doesn't appreciate experimentation ). I have been keeping this up and it is huuugely helpful in reducing stress, especially during Nov/Dec which are by far my MOST busy months of the year.

Here are my "work" outfits from November.
#1 : 11.01
#2 : 11.02
#3-5 : 11.06-08
#6 : 11.16
#7-11 : 11.26-30

The outfits in brief! #1: punk pants make me happy! #2: I keep wanting to wear my white skinnies in outfits, but they are soooo baggy that it doesn't always work; I have really enjoyed wearing them when I can make them work, though. #3: mixing prints and whites. #4/#11: forays back into very dark outfits, something I had been avoiding in fall/winter previously (too much black makes me sad) but am now enjoying again. #5: my pencil skirts are all sitting lower on my hips these days and I am enjoying the look. #6: one of my favorite ways to wear this blouse in fall. #7: this is the lovely furry vest from Zap by way of Rita, which I loooove so thanks Zap and Rita! #8: more white skinnies! Also please pardon the wet hair -_- #9: fresh hair cut in preparation for the Seattle YLF meetup + volume on volume. #10: inspired by this outfit here. #11: a fun top-to-bottom gradient of black->charcoal->gray; I quite like the light shoes with a very dark outfit. Also a beautiful ring my mom gave me which she got in Holland many years ago.

Whew! Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome

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