I decided to separate out a few "event" outfits into their own post, though none of these were for a Truly Dressy Event. This is an area of my wardrobe that is severely lacking, but I am overall pleased with what I was (eventually, after struggles) able to come up with for each of these events without rushing out in a panic to buy something new. Definitely hoping to fill this gap in my wardrobe over the course of this year, though!

#1 : 10.17 - fashion show. One of my husband's coworkers organized a charity global fashion show which he bought tickets for. I felt very appropriately dressed; there was a broad range of dressiness, since the show was hosted at Microsoft and many came straight from work. Sat right in the front along the runway and felt very fashionable ^^

#2 : 11.03 - brother-in-law's birthday dinner. Went to a fancy steakhouse, but I knew dinner would still be a rather casual affair. Another broad range of dress here; I was appropriately dressy for the table, and right in the middle looking at the whole restaurant. Later decided a bodycon sweater dress was a poor decision when there is so much good steak involved

#3 : 11.09 - metal opera. You read that right Hubby and I went with a friend to see a local production of a heavy metal opera, and it was super fun! Themed demon ushers, end of the world tragedy, everybody died in the end, all that good stuff. So of COURSE I had to don plenty of black and fluff up my hair! My city is NOT dressy by any means, and this was certainly sufficiently dressy for the event. Loved this! Got several unsolicited compliments on my hair, too.

#4 : 12.24 - burlesque nutcracker. Again, you read that right Had NO idea how dressy this event would be, it was actually out in downtown Seattle so could have gone either way. I decided to play it safe and go in the middle. Reused the formula from #3 but changed the tights to a more burlesque-y option and went with dressier outerwear (and of course some bright red lipstick!). It ended up being rather casual, so I felt perfectly comfy and happy in this. Also super fun, and we're definitely going to hit this up again next year!

#5 : 12.29 - friends xmas party. Casual get together, but I knew my friend who was hosting would be happy with a little extra sparkle. I purchased this tweedy double-collar with metallic threads specifically to wear to this party, but haven't worn it since. Would like to find a way to work it in! Hubby thinks it's ridiculous, unfortunately.

#6 : 12.31 - new years/dad's birthday. Spent at my parents' home as always, since my dad's birthday is the 31st. So I wanted somewhat casual-dressy but mostly cozy. Cashmere sweater + structured pencil + sweater tights was just the ticket.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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