Or, how I came to conclusion that wearing pearl necklace is the right choice for the rock/world music concert.

While pondering what to wear I remembered, with a mix of envy and pride, that a close friend actually met the musician we’re going to listen tonight. He is special. He wrote numerous songs that were soundtrack of my growing up even before I could fully understand what he was actually saying. In recent years he wrote one of my favourite love songs. He is a wonderful poet and has amazing mixture of charisma and down-to-earthness (is that a word?). True Artist. The kind that with every new work proves to me why the world needs artists.

And I thought “what if”. What if my husband and I, both big admirers, get a chance to meet the guy. After all, he usually plays in small, intimate spaces in recent years and one just never knows. To be honest, I can't believe he's coming so close to begin with, so anything is possible. What if I get a chance to exchange a few words or just ask for the autograph, what would I want to say about myself with what I wear? It occupied me in the nicest possible way, because I started thinking about the whole concept of expressing ourselves, how we do it, what we use to do it and why we do it. The more I was thinking, the clearer it was to me that what I wanted to wear boils down to the very basics. I want to be just me in whatever I choose to wear and I wanted to say “I feel your music and your poetry.”

Favourite jacket, white button up shirt, skinnies, boots. And pearl necklace. This outfit is 100% me, when expressed through what I put on. It’s comfortable. It’s flattering the way I wanted to achieve flattery. I wear my husband’s shirt, the one he bought when we started living together and which you’ve last seen in the Challenge Chain when Joy masterfully commented that I ended up in my husband’s arms. Oh how that sealed it in the list of items to save from the burning house! The necklace is made of real pearls, the one I wore on my wedding day, something the Artist also mentions in one of his poignant songs. This song has added significance because one of my best friends loves it very much, thus making me love the song even more, which in turn makes me even more pleased to wear the necklace today. So, so much meaning and significance in everything. Happiness factor through the roof.

Adding my black waterfall cardigan in the bag for layering just in case it gets cold.

Last thread for today, I promise. I had to do something with myself, I've been sitting and waiting to leave for the past hour… this is Christmas Eve sort of waiting.

ETA: Adding photo taken at the end of 2.5 hour concert (and almost 1 hour of support band before that).
Yes, we met him.
More than enough for Memories.