Angie kept dropping little hints about cropped pants in some of my previous posts, so I finally remembered to get someone to take a pic (first pic) of me today so I could show her that I was listening

Jeans: AG, a pale dusty purple
Top: h&m (find), a pale pink
Shoes: Calvin Klein (find), silver & pink
Cuff: Cato, I think?
Shades: Revo (find)

Lately, I've been drawn to really pale colors (think very sunbleached). The pale colors are probably going to end badly for some of my garments, because I live in the country fried middle of cow country LOL, but if I'm [inadvertently] destroying clothes anyway then I might as well wear what I'm drawn to. Life is too short to not love my clothes.

I digress. I've seen street style discussion forums (most especially men's forums) refer to this pale color palette as palewave (some examples in pics). I'm loving it for the summer heat; it somehow helps me at least feel cooler when the temp is 99F and the heat index is 105. It's a look that I can put together out of garments I already own, so no shopping needed (well, shoes, but that's for wider shoes so I'm just shopping for shoes in the new color palette).

This year, the heat is seeming to be extra brutal to me. It might be the blood pressure meds (diuretic mixed with another med), or it might be something to do with some new meds I'm having to take; but my tolerance for heat seems practically nonexistent lately. The new color palette seems to at least help me feel better mentally, so I'm not fighting it. The color palette is pale, so it works with a lot of the dusty/dingy colors I was already drawn to. It's generally fairly minimalist, which fits with my personal style lately.

All that navel gazing to get to this: are the colors maybe too pale for me? I don't want to look all washed out with my white hair and somewhat fair complexion, so I'm asking the experts (that's you guys)... Are these pale colors too pale for me?

I also want to check the pants length. They are an ankle jean, but on me the length felt neither here nor there, so I rolled them up a bit.

Thanks for any feedback, and thank you for reading my navel gazing drivel

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