As promised, here is my version of the outfit in this morning's blog post! I had a really good time playing around with this outfit inspiration this morning.

I know this is a wall of text, so if you want to just skip to the photos: 1-4 are what I actually wore, and the rest are playing with other options in my closet.

Some notes: I do not, as it turns out, own a hoodie with all of the aspects of the original inspiration (hooded, pullover, welted, sweatshirt material, strings), so as you will see, I tried a bunch of different tops with some or most of these components. I also do not have quite as long a blazer as the one in the original (because I am short and short-waisted and long blazers just don't work for me). The blazer I ended up choosing is actually the blazer from my pants suit (so longer than one that is meant to go with a skirt) and is the longest one I own.
The pleated skirt and gold cap toe booties are pretty much perfect (although the boots are lower heeled) so those were givens.

1-4 is what I am actually wearing today. Black suit blazer, hooded graphic tee - tunic length with a band at the bottom but not a true welt, with the skirt and boots. In addition to looking the best, the hooded tee also felt the best because the heavier sweatshirts had sleeves that bunched uncomfortably under the blazer sleeves. I had to add the heat tech leggings although I do prefer it with bare legs, because the skirt is essentially chiffon with a lining and is not warm at all. For my life this is actually very wearable because it dresses down the blazer and skirt a lot!

5: trying out a different blazer and a lace front sweatshirt for some crazy pattern mixing. The sweatshirt is very subtly welted and does not have a hood. One thing I noticed is that if you don't have some obvious indicators like the hood, strings, or a very dramatic welt, putting a blazer over a top like this kind of tames it and just makes it look like a regular and more fitted top.

6-7: trying with my plaid riding jacket. I initially thought of this jacket because it has earth tones and is plaid like the inspiration, but I don't really think this gave the same effect. Especially from the front, it's too short and fitted.

8: The floral blazer again with the graphic hoodie tunic. I liked this too but ultimately I preferred the longer black blazer. I also thought that the 3/4 cuffed sleeves here didn't work as well as full length sleeves.

9: Here I'm trying a cropped hoodie. It's got the hood and strings, and is a loose fit, but is obviously lacking the welt and waist coverage. I like this but it's much more conventional proportions so I thought it didn't really match the mood of the original.

10: With my ancient college sweatshirt. This is the only truly classic welted sweatshirt I own, lol. It's 20 years old. Also, the sleeves under the blazer were really bunchy and uncomfortable. I think this would be true of most traditional sweatshirts in this look.

11: this is the same as the outfit I ultimately wore, sans the leggings. My favorite look of the bunch.

12: The cropped sweatshirt again, with the black blazer.

13: A handknit lace hoodie, which again has a horizontal band but no true welt. Another example of tops looking automatically more fitted when placed under a blazer.

14: back view of #11. It's really hard to take mirror photos of one's back.

15: Just for fun, with a different pair of boots to add more slouch to the outfit, since my pieces are all a little more fitted than the original.

Which one is your favorite and would you wear any of these?

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