It is *finally* warm enough (mid-40s F°) that snow has melted, so I decided to break out a dress for work. I wore a dark green Biden dress (long size!) and suede ankle boots since my office isn't particularly formal.

I splurged on these Falke thigh-highs and I love them - especially since the bands match this dress, though no one at work knows that. I haven't worn hose in years, but I wanted to try again for dressiness and warmth. Similar to Angie's post yesterday, I have had bad experiences in the past, but these 1) solve my typical tall-body-in-not-tall-item problems, 2) make restrooms much easier to navigate than an over-under wear style, and 3) the quality is so far beyond any hosiery I've worn in my LIFE that I *want* to wear them!

I adore the embroidered peacock feathers - as soon as they came in the mail, I individually folded them so the bands would be prettily displayed in the drawer. This is my first day wearing them, however, one has already met it's end! This morning on my walk to work, a joyous off-leash, uncollared puppy left its owner over 30 feet away and decided to say hello by jumping on me. This was on a busy road, so I got a hold of her so her owner could take over before a bus or car got her! She was very happy and wriggly in that delightful puppy way, so it was a nice meeting despite her lack of safety.

As I walked away, I was pleased that the hose hadn't laddered AT ALL where her nails had scraped on my shin, and then I saw the knee had a quarter-sized hole in it. I am so sad about it! I had meetings and trainings scheduled most of the day, so I was able to hide the hole when sitting under a table, and I just rocked it the rest of the day. It did ladder a bit, but it isn't shredded like my previous hosiery would be in similar circumstances. Is laddered, destroyed hosiery DYOT?

I'll need to wait to purchase another pair, but in the meantime my partner reminded me the credit card I purchased these with has a generous reimbursement policy for purchases that are damaged within 30 days, even if the vendor won't take it back. I'll see if that's a possibility.

Forgive the harsh spotlight - the lighting in our apartment was apparently an afterthought by someone who never takes pictures indoors.

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