I know this outfit (#1/2) doesn't look like much and is kind of different from my usual matchy matchy, but I felt pretty good wearing it. I first started out by pairing the matching floral blouse and skirt like I did in #3/4 (http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....-and-mini-), but I didn't really feel like doing super matchy matchy. Then I thought, well let me try denim on denim like Angie's post, but couldn't figure out a way to do it that felt right for work. So I ended up going with the denim shirt with the floral skirt, and pairing it with very simple silver accessories (a disc necklace with my children's initials on it and a plain silver bracelet). Still had a bit of matchy matchy with the silver purse and silver sandals, but overall a more subdued, "normal" look. But I still felt really good in it, and got lots of compliments on the skirt and my outfit. I think I'm getting this urge to simplify a little and have a little less going on. Not all the time, but sometimes. I just don't want to have everything perfect and fussy all the time. And I don't want to stand out all the time or look like I'm trying too hard. Don't worry, I'm not completely rejecting my matchy matchy gene (how could I not resist the fun of #4!).

But I'm feeling the urge to try to simplify my life a little bit. Things are so busy and chaotic with work, kids, and our home is a complete mess, it looks like a medical bookstore, scuba shop, and toy store all exploded. We both tend to be sentimental hoarders and I have so little free time to try to clean up. I really want to start purging stuff and stop accumulating. I bought and read the Marie Kondo book a while ago, but I've barely scratched the surface. I have Simplicity Parenting and now The More of Less on my nightstand (I also signed up for the Uncluttered course that came free with that book). Just not sure how to do it with my closet though...I like so much of it! The thought of trying to reduce my wardrobe by half makes me nauseous! I've done minor purges before and pass stuff onto my sister, so almost everything left sparks joy! I did my whole handbag month (for 3 months, LOL) and only ended up purging one purse (the most expensive one, granted). I have more than enough dresses to wear a different one each day for over a month. Same with skirts. I think I need an intervention (wish Angie or someone could come edit my closet!) I just don't think I can become a closet minimalist, it's not in my nature. But I can try to stop adding so much. I returned all the Target Marimekko stuff except for swimsuits for DD (it all looked awful on me with my belly pooch and not that great quality). And I'm planning to return most of the Banana Republic stuff I posted in my last K/R, except maybe the palazzo pants for fun. The floral suit is just not happening. I want to feel more relaxed and blend in a bit more and the floral suit is the total opposite of that goal.

So I felt rather peaceful in my outfit. It still had pattern (which I love) and a tiny bit of matchy matchy with the accessories, just not so hypermatchy. It reminded me of my ALLGO outfit I posted a couple of years ago (#5/6 and http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....blue-jeans for fun baby pics!) I always felt like simple was boring, but simple can be freeing too. I still love matchy matchy, but wanting to explore my ALLGO side too.

Guess our time is up! Thanks for letting me lie down on the couch and vent for a while!

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