Love #1 & I agree with Angie very modern euro chic.

Thank you all!

In the end I had to change out of this outfit because it was just too warm!

But Karen, I think I'd throw on my wedge Cons with this for the camp pickup. Actually, I'm switching into jeans, Cons, and the Mariner sweater tomorrow because it's going to be cooler and maybe rainy tomorrow!

ETA: Karen -- I can't wear true flats -- they don't stay on my feet unless they are lace ups. So that limits my options a bit. So....what I'd like to wear and what I'd have to wear are a bit different....

Wonderful trio of summer neutrals and I know what you mean about going "topper less" as it's really warm here, too. I've been looking for a white denim jacket, so thank you for the Old Navy lead. Great idea.

#1 showcases your shoes to perfection Suz!

Suz, you look elegant in these outfits! I see what you mean by the odd proportion on the denim jackets, but I don't think it's too bad - it still works quite well!

I really like those combinations! Have you noticed in these copycat neutral outfits that a 2-tone purse sometimes really ties things together? It makes me want to get a brown and gray or brown and black purse!
(Psst--after seeing Sveta in her fab outfits with gray Gap pants, I tried them and was amazed that they seemed to fit. I bought some & hope to show some outfits. I committed to a size (already worn) but have the next size up as well and am debating on it.)

Love how the cognac belt mixes it up! The white jacket is a great topper.

I adore the color combo in #1!

Great casual summer look. I really like that light color brown paired with the light grey trousers, very elegant.

The first photo is my favourite of all your outfits on your blog....classic Euro, natural, subtle colours.....very much how I like to dress and ideal characteristics for petites. A really nice look Suz!

Wow Suz. Great outfit! Great colour combo.