I'm floored. This is fantastic! Off to check out your Ravelery page.

What a lovely outfit. The skirt is so gorgeous and looks fantastic on you. I love the boots with it, too.

Oh it's stunning, Diana! You look quite fab in it too.

WOW I am so impressed by your knitting skills! It's a gorgeous piece and looks really lovely on you.

The skirt is gorgeous and your skills are amazing.

Just had to chime in...your skirt is amazing! Beautifully knit, fits well, and goes so well with your other pieces. The entire outfit is fabulous but to include a handknit skirt - WOW!

I admire your skills, Diana. Your new skirt is beautiful, as is the whole outfit.

Wow! That is beautiful! I am in awe.

You are so stylish and fashionable! Gorgeous you!

Your kniting skills a so lovely. My Auntie knits and whips out creations like you and im always in awe of the skill it takes as well as creativity.

I really like how you let it be the

The hair is pretty sophisticated. How do you like it?

Wow! Amazing! It's beautiful.

Wow!!!! Just wow...your knitting skills are awesome. I love that skirt and how you styled it is fabulous.