As you know, I've been searching for a replacement for my ink blue snakeskin Mary Jane pumps that I got at White House Black Market. I love them, but they are too high and spiky for me to wear comfortably all day at work. Plus I'm kind of a klutz, so I'm afraid I'm going to trip and twist my ankle while wearing these. I've been searching and searching for a flat or low heeled pair, but struck out with the Jimmy Choo blue snakeskin kitten heels because they were too pointy.

So I kept searching and then found what I thought was the perfect replacement pair of blue snakeskin pumps, from Chie Mihara. The heel is lower and chunkier so the shoes are more stable than the stiletto heel on the WHBM. And they have a double strap to keep the foot in place. The heel is about an inch shorter than the 4 inch WHBM--it's 3 inches, with a 1/2 inch platform, so the equivalent of about a 2.6 inch heel. Plus it is blue with green straps, which is a perfect match my for blue and green outfits! (You know how much I love matchy matchy). I have two pairs of CM's and they have a reputation for comfortable heels. My other Chies are 3 inch heels but relatively comfortable for their heel height, I've worn them all day at work before. So I took a chance and ordered them (this pair was only available at her website and shipped from Spain). I was so excited and couldn't wait to get these!

I am a 7.5, so I wasn't sure whether to get 37.5 or 38. They didn't have a 37.5 so I went with 38. The closed toe MJ pumps I have from Chie are also size 38 (the CM sandals are 37.5). I know it looks like the foot is too small for the shoe because of the gap at the back of the heel, but all my pumps do that. My ankle is skinny compared to my heel. If I size down then it is too tight in the toe box. And by the afternoon even the 38 was getting tight, I guess my feet were getting swollen. At first when I tried them at home, I was like "Great! These are really comfy for heels!" but then as the work day wore on, my feet started hurting--they were rubbing against the sides of shoe at the base of the big toe and pinky. I am so disappointed! I thought these were going to be the perfect pair, but instead they seem like they are also going to be mostly sitting shoes. I can't return these, since they were shipped overseas and I've already worn them. But there was no way for me to tell--they seemed comfortable enough at first when I wore them at home. They're still better than the WHBM, so I'm keeping them until I can find a better replacement. I don't understand why they didn't work out--maybe my feet are just getting fussier.

I also ordered a navy and green Kate Spade purse from eBay--I had been
eyeing it previously, but had bought the BR clutch on eBay that matched
my Banana Republic Mad Men dress (it even has the dress print as the
lining of the clutch). However, I always carry too much to fit in a
clutch, so I thought maybe this satchel would be a better size.
Unfortunately when I got it, I realized that the green color is very
bright, almost neon. It totally does not go with my dress or my emerald
blouse. So disappointing! I think I am going to have to re-list on eBay.

Ugh, I am so frustrated! I thought I had it all figured out, but instead I am stuck with two expensive mistakes! And the funny thing is, I got lots of compliments on the dress, but nobody said anything about my shoes. I guess they are just too subtle to notice. I do like how the outfit came out in 1-2, but is it too much to hope that these shoes will soften up and break in?

Thanks for your comments/commiseration!

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