Lol. Fashion is stronger than us, it's useless to struggle.
I love, love it on you. If I had a waist, I would run to Zara now.

Wow!! This is truly a fabulous top on you! How funny and what great inspiration to try something you thought you would hate.

I think you should start a literal kitchen sink trend of black/white gingham. Do a black/white checked sink,with pearlized faucet handles and white flat blinds as a window treatment. Maybe a grey and white marble or granite countertop. Stainless steel appliances.THen you can do a photo shoot of it in this fabulous blouse!

So cute. I like your style.

Lisa - what an amazing top. Black and white, graphic, pearls, elegant and interesting. It's an outfit all by itself and how often do you find that. It looks amazing on. Enjoy it!!

I have been staying away from these sorts of dramatic tops because they always seem to look to overwhelming on hangers or even in photos. You made a perfect selection in this waist defining one. You should go for that highlight point more often!

Oh, Lisa Lisa Lisa. Only you would do this, then tell us all about it. You rock.
It looks great on you... how versatile that you now know you can wear this blouse two different ways!

Looks great on you - and fun to read your story about it too. I like it the way you are wearing it but would also love to see it the other way just to compare. Two blouses in one maybe?

Thanks for all of the fun, funny and supportive feedback - I'm so glad this top isn't as kooky on as it could have been! The only downside to the new fall version - which is in a great-looking glen check plaid - are stuffing those sleeves into a coat. I still may order it - and make it my new look

Lisa this post is great and so is the top! Gingham is trending here big time and while I like it, like you I have had a lot of limitations on how I would wear it lol. This top is fabulous on you and I love everything about it. It's got a touch of classic and is somehow a little more 'grown up' modern than much of the cheap trendy options that are around. I would love to see you wear it the other way round too.

You look amazing in that top! Do you have a link to the fall version? Now I must see it.

karen13 - I'll check tomorrow for the link, but go on Zara's website and look through "blouses" - there are quite a few iterations of this look now.

Love the top, love how you styled it.

Fabulous! You definitely win "Who Wore it Best.

Oh, I so hear what you say haha. I had the same thing, especially about the cold shoulders. The sleeves were a bit better to stomach for me but I never bought one. Until Zara came with this design. I have this top without the pearls, in red and white stripe and I love it too. It was hard to iron though.. just warning you haha.

Hi Greetje - actually, it ironed like a charm. I pressed the two front sections and the back, and it looked great! Sleeves don't need it . Have you posted a pic of your top yet?

I think this top is very open-minded; it goes both ways.

And it looks amazing on you. I love when checks are modern like this.

zowie that is AWESOME on you!!! i'm tempted by this now... (sucker for black and white anything)

Very fab!
I think it shows you have great taste. As Angie alludes to, it's almost classic in some of its features, and sort of " polished maximal " compared to a . lot of trendy tops. So it looks grownup, but fun.