Mirjana you are a true master stylist. You have made these dresses completely you own. Beautifully done!

Thank you so much JAIME for the awfully kind words. You are very sweet.

You have styled these really nicely and I don't think that is easy when there is so much detail! I especially like the skirt and the gray dress but I think the first one is worth trying to make work. I love your cardigans (I am a cardigan fan!)

Mirjana, the idea to add lace to the skirt was brilliant! I can see why it would be your most worn Desigual item now because it feels more elegant paired with solid items up top -- so many of the prints are interesting but so bold they can overpower a wearer. You have bossed them all around beautifully, though -- your styling makes every dress wearable.

ROBINF and SUZ thank you for the awfully kind compliments, they mean a lot to me. I'm a cardigan fan too.
ROBINF, yes, it is not easy to style that type of dress or skirt, and I am glad you like how I did.
SUZ, I really love the skirt, it can be paired with so many tops, and when I added lace, bingo! This summer is very hot and just for the skirts . I'm happy you like how I styled dresses

#8 and #9 instantly became my favorites!

Thank you VILDY for loving #8 and #9, me too. Finally good with the white denim jacket.