I wore this Banana Republic Mad Men dress to work and got so many compliments on it. Pretty much everyone I saw--nurses, patients, etc. said they loved it, including older men who I wouldn't think would care about fashion as much. Even the Nordstrom SA when I went to return something asked me where I got it. I think people really loved the 60's print.

#1/2 is how I would have liked to wear it, with my ink blue snake pumps, but the heel is just too high to be practical for a full work day. Plus the heel is too spiky so I didn't feel as stable and was worried I would trip (I prefer sturdier chunkier heels). So I wore my Easy Spirit nude Mary Jane pumps instead. These are so old (at least 15 yrs) and chipped/peeling on the front and heel (8). I really need to replace them but they are so comfy, I can wear them all day even when on call so I keep and wear them a lot. I would love to find some replacement nude pumps so I can retire these, but only if they are as comfy as my current ones. And I don't know what to do with these blue snake pumps. I really should purge them, but irrationally I want to wait until I find a replacement ink blue snake Mary Jane pump with a lower chunkier heel. Which is a tall order! So in the meantime these pretty blue pumps are sitting on my shelf (I tell myself I am keeping them for date nights, which are few and far between).

I'm wearing the matching green and navy BR Mad Men bracelet and I found this matching green and blue Mad Men clutch on eBay (4/5). It goes with the dress exactly (even has the same print in the lining). Of course I just had to get it! But I always carry so much stuff (wallet, phone, keys, lipstick, pen, papers, candy, camera) that I can never fit it all in to a clutch. I should stop buying clutches (I have a burgundy one that I never use, and ended up buying a burgundy satchel instead). Clutches look pretty, but are so impractical because they don't hold anything! So I ended up using my Jason Wu for Target straw purse with navy trim (6, forgot to get a pic with the dress). It bookends the nude pumps, but it's a cheap purse so it is starting to fray a little. I am thinking of buying a Kate Spade satchel in green and navy (7). Initially I saw it on sale at the Kate Spade website, but I didn't get it because I was worried the colors wouldn't be an exact match so I went for the matching BR purse. But now I regret it--I should have gone for the bigger size purse even if it's not an exact color match. Now it's gone from the Kate Spade site, so I'd have to get it on eBay and it's a little more expensive (I'm sure they bought them on sale and are marking them up for a profit). I know I am being silly but you know how it is sometimes when you get an idea in your head and can't let go! Matchy Matchy me really wants shoes and a purse to match this dress that are practical! (If you happen to see any comfy nude or blue snake pumps, let me know!) Thanks for your comments!

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