After I got home from work wearing this zigzag outfit, I changed into a simple T shirt and shorts and sneaks so we could take the kids to the playground. We are trying to help DD to learn to ride her bike, but we are usually so busy we don't get to take her to practice very often. It takes two of us to watch both of the older kids on bikes plus DS2 (who also wanted in on the action even though his feet don't even reach the pedals). We have to pack bikes, safety equipment, diaper bags, water and snacks and everything into the car and have to drive somewhere safe and flat (because we live on a busy street), so it's quite a production to take them out for a simple bike ride!

Anyways, I thought I'd show you my ultracasual side for a change. Also to show off my new diaper bag! All the ones I have are huge because I always try to bring everything. Well, after trying to lug a massive Ju.Ju.Be Be Prepared diaper bag (think large airline carry-on size bag) around Disneyland for the first morning because I didn't want to leave it on the stroller during the rides, I realized that sometimes it's better to streamline and just put a few diapers and wipes into my purse and not bother with carrying everything I might possibly need. The rest can stay in the car or stroller or hotel room. So I got a new smaller diaper bag, that can also function as a purse later on. It doesn't hold very much, but it will help me learn how to pack lighter.

Lately I've been obsessed with Tokidoki, a company that has really cute Japanese-style "kawaii" (Japanese for cute) cartoon characters like Donutella, a girl with Princess Leia-ish donuts on her head, or Bastardino, a little dog dressed in a cactus costume, or the Moo-fia cows. They did a line of diaper bags with Ju.Ju.Be and they are super cute. Each bag has lots of different characters all over the bag--it's like a giant party. Plus Ju.Ju.Be bags are easy wipe and machine washable, with lots of pockets to hold things. I bought the Sea Amo print, because it has an underwater theme with mermaids (I love the ocean). I also bought a light Super Be tote in the same print that I can use as a beach bag. I also bought a backpack for each of the kids--DD wanted one with unicorns, and DS1 wanted the fairy tale one with knights and dragons, and I got the sea one for DS2 eventually. OK, I know this is not consistent with my goals to look more polished and grown up, but I can't resist the cuteness. I love Hello Kitty and Paul Frank; I have a bunch of Paul Frank T shirts and handbags etc. that I used to collect pre-kids. I still have not been able to get rid of my collection, even though I never use them and probably should. It reminds me of that thread discussing how we all keep returning to the same loves/styles over and over again. Here's my kawaii shadow persona in action for MOTG! Anyone else into cutesy too?

Gap navy T shirt, Banana Republic dot print shorts, Brooks Adrenaline sneakers, Tokidoki x Ju.Ju.Be Hobo Be bag, green yarn necklace and bracelet made by DD.

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