LOVE it. You look lovely. Good for you! And your daughter--SO adorable. Mine at that age wanted to be "a doctor-ballerina-dolphin trainer." Now she's an executive in the fashion world. You just never know.

Oh, so fab. Especially loving it with the denim jacket. It's unique and fun and fresh and not at all over the top. Five stars!!

Natalie, you always make me smile. You have so much fun with fashion that it makes me want to join in and play too. I would love for my doctor to show up wearing an outfit like that!

Wonderful. And yes, big smiles for me when seeing your post!

This is a beautiful look, and (maybe just the way I see things) doesn't strike me as too sweet, probably because the silhouette, jewelry, bag and shoes are adult and modern. It nods to ballerina's yes and is pastel, but in a contemporary way. Love it!

Oh, such a soft and pretty outfit. I love it! The shoes are great with the skirt - I think they add a bit of juxtaposition with the studs and the fact that they are flat, not heels.

I love it! It's a gorgeous skirt, and you look beautiful in it. DD is a cutie!

How fabulous are you! Love this...go you!

Love it! From the way you were describing it, I was imagining a tutu sticking straight out, not such an elegant ensemble.

Very pretty...I think you pull off the fairy princess look very well. It makes me think I should put a bit more pizzazz in my work outfits ...cheer up others as you must have done

I love this. Your daughter is adorable. I remember when you bought that skirt. Your daughter was right. It is perfect.

My FAVORITE outfit on you OF ALL TIME.

You look Da Bomb and totally rocked that outfit. I agree with all the others and would love for my doctor to be dressed like that. Your daughter is adorbs as well!

Not too out there at all! I was picturing something fluffier and more costume-y based on your description. The skirt is beautifully elegant and your necklace + purse + shoes add the sophistication necessary for an adult. (Though the 4-year old princess ballerina stage is awfully cute)