Wanna know what mischief I've been up to? Here is my birthday present (DH told me I could get a fancy purse). It involves a bit of "skull"-duggery...(and I hinted that it could double as a weapon, LOL).

First we have to set the soundtrack for this post: Obsession by Animotion:

nofollow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIs5StN8J-0

Side note: could this woman be any more eighties? Neon blue peplum dress with matching blue fan, permed hair in a side pony with scrunchie, blue eyeliner, lace gloves, and those shutter shade glasses! Totally awesome to the max!

I'm in this Facebook doctor fashion group and a couple months ago someone posted that they bought this Alexander McQueen knuckle box clutch with skulls on it. I was instantly obsessed and I've been thinking about it ever since. Just gorgeous. I started looking into the brand more and it really appeals to my shadow persona--I love goth, punk, skulls, black and gunmetal, Victoriana, insects, pretty with an edge. Why have I not gotten into this line before?!

My shopping outfit was in 1-2. Stopped by Chanel to get a bottle of nail polish (Ballerina), because my manicure that DH got me for my birthday is already chipped (with a full time job and three kids, there is no way that was going to last long). It is funny how wearing a Chanel bag gets you lots of attention from the SAs. I even saw the SA who sold me the bag and she said, "I didn't recognize you at first but then I saw your bag and remembered who you were." Hahaha.

Then I went to the Alexander McQueen store. I went specifically to see this knuckle clutch. But then I realized my phone (iPhone 6 Plus) is too big to fit! Darn it! So I looked at some alternatives (6-7) which could fit my phone, but I just didn't love them as much. They were cheaper and larger but I wasn't feeling it. The wallet on chain in 6 had really sharp studs so it wasn't nice to hold. And I already have a large black studded satchel (though not with a skull padlock like that one) and I liked the Obsession print bag but not the giant logo on the front. In the end though I decided to go with the one that really spoke to me, practicality be damned. It's pretty much a fancy lipstick case (fits a mini card case, key and lipstick), but I don't care. It'll be a great evening bag, or I can just toss it in my other bag and take it out to pet during the day, LOL. It's so fun to put my fingers through the rings and run my fingers over the smooth little nubs--it's like sensory stress relief therapy! I'm going to call him Hamlet (I like that better than Yorick). And you can call me Queen Impractical Clutch. Hamlet can join my polar bear on ice, ice cream truck, camera, and hedgehog. I swore I wouldn't buy any more clutches, yet here we are. Someone stage an intervention if I ever want another whimsical clutch!

I loved the Obsession print as well. Hummingbirds, butterflies, flowers, skulls, jewels, lipstick--it's got everything a girl could want! I looked at the shirt or dress but they were super expensive. The scarf was much more affordable, and I never have to worry about my body changing--it will always fit!

So here's the purse and scarf with my leather moto, ripped jeans and tee (8-9) and with a skirt outfit that I wore to work (13-20). I wondered briefly if it was appropriate for a doctor to wear skulls to work, but I figured if it's appropriate enough for Princess Kate to wear to Wimbledon (21), it's good enough for me!

1-2. BR leather moto, Suburban Riot Happy Camper tee (I bought because DD's upcoming birthday party will be a backyard campout sleepover), Vigoss distressed jeans, Ugg moto boots, Spring bracelet, Alexis Bittar necklace, Chanel Boy.

13-20. BR leather moto, Target zip shirt, Vince Camuto tube skirt, Tildon dragonfly cuff, Topshop booties, Alexander McQueen Obsession scarf and knuckle duster clutch.

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