Trying some new pieces this morning : a floral blazer which I fully expected to return when I bought it (because I have a hate-shop thing going on with that store ) , and white shooties ( can we find another word for these please? ) which I've had for awhile but have yet to wear. I was headed out for a 2 hour road trip , and wanted something decently pulled-together (it's a work trip) yet comfortable for the drive. The blazer is pretty outside of my comfort zone, but I decided I like it and am happy I cut the tags. Can't keep buying the same blazer over and over again, you know? The fabric is great for being in the car (doesn't crease) and the longer cut lends it a more modern air.
White boots are bare-foot comfortable right out of the box, but I'm still not 100% comfortable with the glaringly white western look. I kept looking down at my feet to make sure everything was ok. We'll see. I'm wearing a double -faced satin-back poly shell with a white racing side stripe ,under the jacket, and using the scarf as a floral print to mitigate any cowboy effect. Hopefully. White nails too - for more bookending effect.

I took off the earrings as soon as I got in the car - the outfit needs a rounder/circular/softer earring ....the linear design of these has nothing to do with anything here and really bugged me once I took a closer look. Picked out a rarely used bag - this outfit seemed to want a purse with some colour in it - and this one seemed ok. I have tremendous guilt over buying this - and I have to really try hard to find things to wear it with.

Oh, and I had to laugh reading a recent post from Susan at Highheelsinthewilderness regarding her quest to find something other than skinny jeans to wear - she speaks for me too. Oh well, I may not be at the forefront of the denim revolution , but I at least feel polished , reasonably trim, and basically myself in my girlfriends or skinnies.

blazer - Melanie Lyne
shell - RW& Co.
jeans - Gap
booties - Rebecca Minkoff
scarf - McQueen
bag - Prada
jewellery - Pilgrim
scent of the day - Clarins Dynamisante
lipstick - Urban Decay Native (what kind of bad name is THAT for a lip colour?? Native what, exactly ?)

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