Una asked me to post my polar bear clutch. I have so many bags I've been working through them since February! I've given up trying to use a different one each day (too difficult), but my goal is still to get through all of them. Now I'm down to novelty clutches, which I'm finding are really challenging to use in real life! They're so cute, but so teeny! I ended up having to carry my normal sized white satchel for work and just used the clutch for going out to dinner. It held my phone (barely because I have an iPhone 6 plus), one car key on the keychain, and a popsicle coin purse with one credit card and my lipstick. That's it, and I could barely close it! But I went out to dinner with two other women doctors in my practice and they absolutely loved the clutch!

So, moral of the story is, I need to stop buying cute tiny purses. But I love them so much and Kate is making it so hard for me to resist! I still have a camera and ice cream truck to show you!

For the outfit, I really wanted to wear the tulle skirt with this grey sweater (see prior tulle skirt post) but I felt kind of ridiculous going to work in a tulle skirt (not that MOTG in a tulle skirt is any less ridiculous) so I went with white culottes instead, which kind of gave the same vibe. Will wear the tulle skirt next time! Also feeling a little worried that the grey sweater is too form fitting for my apple belly, but I'm never going to have the perfect body, so I'll settle for sucking it in a little for WIWs, LOL. I wore the Kate Spade "Clink of Ice" necklace which I also got on sale to match the polar bear ice theme. And of course the polar bear keychain and popsicle coin purse.

ETA: adding a few more fish and seahorse pics for Eliza and Joy! And my fuzzy polar bear for Rachy. I don't have any fish shaped coin purses, but I do have a fishbowl coin purse, does that count? I had to dig out my old Paul Frank and Gama-Go collection. I'm realizing now that Kate Spade is kind of like the grown up version of Paul Frank! Maybe I should start using some of those bags too? Think I can get away with it? I'll pull out a few and see what you think!

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