For I want to thank everyone for your support, ideas and suggestions last week on my need to step back and take some emotion out of getting dressed. You all helped me to see the problem more clearly, and gave me concrete solutions.

As so many of you suggested, I’ve been taking the time the night before to pull out what I plan to wear then next day. With the exception of one day, the daisy outfit, this worked really will. As did you back thru outfit pictures from last summer, and favorites from this winter, that i could adapt to the warmer spring/summer weather

nothing really fabulous here, but I felt good enough and more importantly I got dressed and out the door without feeling like I had change, or that if only I had X I would have found the right thing to wear

#1- 90F/32C day-this was a favorite from last summer lightweight joggers, short sleeve tee, and a denim blazer to pull it together
#2 cooler weather. This is a fall silhouette where I swapped jeans for a pair of athleta cargo pants

#3 this was a last minute sub as the weather turned warmer than expected. Love these pants, didn’t love the way the outfit looked wrinkled and they way the top seems to cling, but it didn’t feel clingy IRL
#4 jeans! And a French terry topper, barely hit 70F/21C.
#5 WFH joggers and a sweatshirt

Again, thanks for everyone’s input last week

as always all comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated

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