This week is the final week for my Dark Romance winter theme, so yesterday I decided to experiment a bit more than usual.

I have a black pantsuit, with pants with front slits. I find the pants much easier to pair with shoes in warmer weather when you can let skin show through the slits. In the winter, when you need booties, I have been wearing them with black boots, but found the effect meh, as the slits were sort of lost. In the Monday's blog post, in the collection, there was an example of similar pants worn with high contrast white booties, so I decided to give that a try.

I have also seen multiple looks of corset-like tops worn over white shirts, to make them more wearable, so decided to give that a try as well. Instead of the usual black coat, decided to go for burgundy one and matching beret. And since the booties have a fun zebra heel, went for spotted scarf for a small does of pattern mixing.

I have several questions:
1) What do you think of these pants worn with white booties? Is the effect jarring? What other color booties would you try?
2) Pant length - these are currently at the new full length, just below the ankle bone. I have worn this length with flat-ish shoes before, but not with heels like here. Does it work or it really shortens the leg line? I do have an option to let them out if necessary as there is an extra inch of material at the hem.
3) I like the effect of the corset layered over the shirt, but since the shirt is very relaxed, almost oversized, it makes it bunch. Of course, back in the past when the corsets wore worn regularly, everything underneath them looked poufy. Does this look OK or should I try it with slimmer shirt for less bunching?

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