Here's what happened during week #3 of the 30X30 project. I survived it, but barely, as the reason for poor-pants-fit became more obvious as the week progressed--too much baking and eating now that my son is home for summer. :-O I was already unhappy with the fit of the white boyfriend jeans, so I didn't wear those this week, but then I discovered that the black pants I was hoping to wear on Wednesday really didn't fit at all and I had to make a different outfit. Oops. I'm not going to let it get out of hand, though, so I hope to be back in those pants during the coming week. Fingers crossed.

Pic #1--Saturday.
Pic #2--Sunday.
Pic #3--Monday.
Pic#4--Tuesday, the 4th--We went out on the boat and I resorted to gear. I wore the black tee-shirt dress as a cover-up over my swim clothes, but added a gear-ish hoodie, visor, and inexpensive glasses. It was warm enough, but quite windy so I was glad for the extra clothing. Boating requires gear, IMO, so I chose gear items from outside the 30X30 capsule.
Pic#5--Casual mid-week dinner. I'd hoped to wear my black ankle pants but had to make a substitution. I wore a new top--new to me and new to the 30X30 (I filled my last slot). This outfit looked better in person, but I wasn't completely sold on the volume over volume silhouette. I did like the floaty, airy-ness of the oversized, lightweight silk top, though. Also,I finally remembered that I could choose different jewelry, so I wore some earrings that I don't get a chance to wear very often and I cheated a little bit on the challenge by choosing to carry my black trunk bag. I have a black clutch in the 30X30, but I really wanted to use the trunk bag and it doesn't get out much, so I chose the bag.
Pic#6--Dog-walking gear. I failed on the challenge because my son got sick and had to stay home. I didn't get to go to yoga and ended up staying home all day doing messy kid-crafts in my yoga clothes. Those are my yoga clothes underneath the utility jacket and muck boots that I wear at the dog park.
Pic#7--Today. Another wear for the new Grana top. I feel better about the top paired with the narrower pants but I'd prefer it with pants that are not blue denim. Also, what do you think about the length on the top? I keep thinking I'd like to shorten it a bit--but I don't want to expose midriff, so maybe it's OK as is. Your thoughts?

Observations: I'd be happy to wear the same thing all the time, but the accountability of taking photos and sharing my outfits makes me feel uncomfortable about doing so--as a result, I am stretching myself a little bit to make different outfits. I'm happy with my "neutrals-only" wardrobe but I do prefer high contrast. I still feel very fussy in all except the most casual outfits--not sure what to do about that except to keep trying. I'd like to get more tops that look good untucked because I think I will prefer the ease of that look--but it can be a challenge because I also feel like I need to define a waist.

Finds: Boxy black silk camp shirt from Grana; "Vintage" trunk bag that I've had for 25(?) years; Earrings worn with Wednesday's outfit.

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