It’s been ages since I posted anything, although I do read YLF every day. It’s been a rough few months. The issues with my back and shoulder blade muscles that I thought were mostly resolved came back in November and I was miserable. The PT I have been working with revamped the walking/exercising/etc routine I was doing. Since Mid December I’ve been spending 3 hours a day on this routine, at home and spread out over the day, and have seen huge improvement, but scheduling my days around those three hours has been interesting to say the least. I’m still experience mild pain on most days but am back to most regular activities and am doing well on getting my energy levels back to normal. For the second year in a row my early December birthday was awful :-(. On the plus side all the walking and exercising have caused me to start losing a bit of weight which is something I want to do more of. I have had to mentally let go of any assumptions of how things will progress in the future, but I am hopeful.  The days are getting longer and spring is not far away  

I am working on defining goals for the year (using “Best Year Ever” at Suz’s reco), but I’m choosing just a few specific goals each month. For Jan and Feb my only goals were to do the 3 hours a day of rehab and attempt to get back to all my usual activities without too much pain. I did meet the goals for the things in my control, and things are improving.  I wanted to disconnect some from social media but have made exactly ZERO progress on that I did buy a few items in Jan/Feb, including much-needed replacement boots & hats for winter daily walks and some other HEWIs, and have started some spring shopping.

Here are some outfits I’ve worn in the past few months, in no particular order. My wardrobe is working pretty well. I know the quality of these photos is not great, but I honestly haven’t cared much about it or my wardrobe in the past few months. Some of the pieces are shown in finds. These are all outfits I wear outside the house - when I’m staying home I wear fleece, jeans, wool socks, house shoes...all about comfort and warmth.

• denim jacket, navy merino tneck, grey jeans, brown booties, brahmin cross body.
• ….same with brown coat, on a feb day when it was unusually warm
• tan merino tneck, burgundy faux suede jacket, lucky jeans, grey booties
• blue cashmere crewneck, grey jeans, white print scarf, grey booties
• olive cashmere crewneck, olive scarf, black jeans and booties
• grey leopard cashmere crewneck, black puffer vest, black jeans, white plaid scarf
• red cashmere tneck, mid blue jeans, black puffer vest, black booties

...and the bags & coats I’ve been mostly wearing this winter. I always have a long sleeved thermal layer underneath the sweaters. I’ve been wearing these grey and brown Naturalizer booties a lot, because we've had less snow, slush and ice than usual.  

All comments and suggestions welcome, as usual!

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