Busy week! No time to post every day, so here's a compilation of the weeks outfits.

1. Casual Friday. Joe Fresh tee, Lululemon vesty thingie, and Kut BF's
2. Dress from a couple of years ago, bought at boutique when visiting my mother.
3. One of my fav summer tops, from the same place as #2, capri's from costco.
4. Costco sweater from ages ago, Linen pants from JCrew. So tell me, does this sweater look dated? I've been trying to replace it, with no luck. But this one seems to still work... luckily it's not too fitted, which is what I'm finding with a lot of my older pieces. Not sure how much life it still has though.
5. Skirt from same place as #2, top from BR.
6-7. Casual Friday again. Lululemon pants, jean jacket from same place as #2, and the new J Crew sequin tank. Showing you in #7 how I get the poofy thing happening in the sleeves, which generally means it's too big. I might be able to solve it by taking it in at the shoulders however. I kept the jacket on all day. But I love the tank.

And wow, I hadn't realized how many of my summer clothes came from that little boutique! I guess it WAS one of my three shopping sources that I used up until a year or so ago...

As always, comments, suggestions etc are most welcome. And wanted.

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