This past week I had Marley's post about new and unworn items in mind as I put my outfits together. I also tried something new with my hair each day (tried to match to outfits), which I split into this post.

  1. Rarely worn: boots; Never worn: belt.
  2. Rarely worn: sweater and heels; Never worn: color palette.
  3. Rarely worn: orange and green tops.
  4. Unworn: brown vest; Rarely worn: brown blazer; New: heels.
  5. Unworn: navy turtleneck; Rarely worn: heels.

I ended up disliking both the orange and green tops, and will probably toss both; I HAD to add the scarf because the colors just didn't look good on me and needed a more complimentary color next to my face.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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