A more-casual-than-usual week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and being extra busy for the short work week. The first two outfits didn't pass my feel test and I consider them "Feel Fails", outfits that may look alright, objectively, but made me feel off while wearing. The first outfit was simply not warm enough for the day (I was expecting it to be much warmer than it turned out), though I'd have been perfectly happy wearing it if the temps were 60F+; I also had tried very hard, unsuccessfully, to make that outfit work with black accents (including footwear) and I think I had some residual annoyance towards that throughout the day. For the second outfit, I'd gotten up a lot earlier than normal so wasn't quite fully functional when getting dressed; the style mix didn't feel right there. On the flip side, today's outfit makes me feel super happy! In fact I think I'll wear it again this Saturday for hosting our annual Friendsgiving dinner.

#2 - I started from this outfit on Pinterest, with the idea to wear all light blue with black accents. Initially there was a black belt and black booties, but ultimately I wasn't happy with the look so after much hemming and hawing and trying more black things, I simply tossed that idea and swapped the black for silver (belt) and gray (boots). Felt much better, if a bit too cold. Otherwise accessorized with soft hair (really good hair day! yeah!!) to offset some of the boyish lower half, silver circly earrings, and plum gloss for a touch of darkness. Trench to handle the gloomy weather and watercolor purse because I find it a cheerful (and fitting) option for wet weather. Were I to do this over for that particular day, I'd swap this silk blouse for my aqua sweater and swap the trench for a heavier coat.
Newer: blouse, jeans, belt, boots, clutch
Older: trench, earrings

#3 - This one started with the glittery rain boots, as it was pouring pouring pouring all day. The top half is a favorite weekend pairing, and the bottom was one my sleep-addled brain recalled wearing not long ago. As I said above, the mix of styles threw me -- I'd have been happier by swapping to either tall boots (for an overall rugged-cozy vibe) or a soft drapey tee (for an overall urban vibe). The outerwear is what made me realize what was off, since it looks more fully urban; for work I'd go the urban route,for weekend I'd go with the rugged-cozy (and maybe swap the hair up for a slouchy knit hat). Hair up because it's good for rain, then accessorized with dainty jewelry (spike earrings, key necklace) and rusty red-orange lip gloss for a touch of color. Trench for the rain, giraffe scarf for some extra warmth, and black lined clutch for a touch of chaos + fun print mixing. I will say that the feeling in this got better as the day wore on, so perhaps this should only be a partial feel fail
Newer: pants, boots, earrings, trench
Older: shirt, cardigan, necklace, scarf, clutch

#4 - After the past two days "feel fails", today I relied on favorites: the boots/pants pairing, olive/navy color combo, and of course my favorite plaid shirt. It's surprisingly warm today (61F!), but I decided I wanted a jacket just the same. My sis gave me this knit blazer a little while back and I thought the BIG stripe would be a fun mix with the busy plaid. Accessorized with some glitz (giant crystal studs, sequin clutch) and finished with a swipe of cherry-pink lip gloss. This is definitely a happy way for me to wear brown ^^
Newer: earrings
Older: shirt, jacket, pants, boots, clutch

#5 - Put all the earring/lippie/ring detail photos together so they'd take less room.

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