I enjoyed participating in MaryK's Pinterest challenge earlier in the month (outfit #2 here), so last week I decided it would be fun to do a week's worth! Proved tougher than expected (I hate planning outfits in advance), plus the weather wasn't very cooperative. Still, I am quite happy with how these all turned out.

  1. Monday; worn to run errands (I spent aaalllll day trying to find a plain white table runner + pretty decorations). Inspired by this outfit. I don't have a super oversized chunky scarf (yet!), but if I did I would want taupe or gray. Swapped the emerald to my legs, and regretted wearing the peep-toe booties instead of flat black boots like the inspiration outfit almost immediately; it was SO VERY wet! I knew the trench wouldn't be coming off, but coordinated my top anyway.
  2. Tuesday; worn to work and grocery. Inspired by this outfit. This teal infinity scarf/snood was the closest thing I had that'd work for this inspiration, though certainly less cheerful than the happy mustard. I had brown accents like the inspiration initially but then swapped them to black (they looked fine, just wasn't in the mood). These tights are also more opaque in person, though they do seem to be losing their strength of opacity. Going to need to replace them!
  3. Wednesday; worn to work, gym, grocery. Inspired by this outfit. I am really loving how blush softens up a very graphic black and white outfit this season! Also debated about whether these new hoops were too big, but I just love 'em and, well hey, I love big earrings (it's the 80s + Mediterranean gal in me, I guess). Added the printed scarf to keep the b&w graphic thing going for outerwear, and also swapped my normal orange/red lip for a soft pink.
  4. Thursday; worn to work, gym. Inspired by this outfit; outdoor look inspired by this outfit. My only truly chunky sweater is a turtleneck, so I decided to instead use a (new) semi-cropped printed sweater as the next best thing (those big chunky cables are kind of like a print, right?). Worn over my new cobalt blouse, whose fabric I learned is much too stiff to layer over, and slouchy white skinnies (getting too slouchy?).
  5. Friday; worn to work. Inspired by this outfit. An interesting mix of cool-warm colors, hopefully this works to your eyes like it does to mine The orange/rusty-orange color is present in the top, echoed in the boots, and of course there's gray all over the place. As an aside, I double especially liked my hair this day!
  6. Bonus photo of how my Autumn table runner from Monday's crazy shopping day turned out! I ended up just going to the fabric store and making the runner myself. It's a tonal white print on a lovely silky white, with white candles and cream pumpkins. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! And, as is fitting for the week, this was also inspired by Pinterest.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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