Anna recently posted a lovely outfit featuring a soft top with a harness, the effect of which was a bit like a peplum top, paired with distressed BF jeans and booties. I immediately thought of copycatting with my own white peplum top, even though it's not one of my favorite pieces. However I quite like the pairing with the decidedly more tomboy lower half! These boots are new and I'll write more about them later, but for now I'll say that after pining for them all spring and summer (seriously) I'm very happy to have finally pulled the trigger! Just the type of purchase I need to be making.

It's not super warm out today (only around 70F) so I debated tossing a cropped lace moto over the top, but decided to leave that version for a much cooler day (and goodness knows we'll have plenty of those coming up sooner than not). Kept with the girlier top half and left my hair down and extra soft, then accessorized with looooong dangly earrings, a double coat of mascara, and plum lip gloss for a touch of autumn since the look is very light. The taupe clutch picks up on the back of the boots, although they're not seen unless I'm sitting or in motion.

Despite not really liking this top, I'm very happy in this outfit. Thanks for the inspiration as always, Anna! And for those curious about the new-old ratio:
Newer - jeans, boots
Older - top, earrings, clutch

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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