For a day that started out as pleasantly warm but overcast then turned into heavily stormy/windy/rainy (oh yes, fall is definitely coming), I pulled out an older 3-season pencil skirt that hadn't gotten much wear this season. To make it feel up-to-date I paired with some items from this S/S season (a loose sweater and flat pointy boots) along with some older items (the black clutch and doorknocker earrings). Along with the dark accessories, I chose a plum lip gloss to further skew the outfit to fall. The mix of items, the color palette, and the silhouette all read current despite being composed of primarily older pieces. Very happy with how this outfit came out!

Feel free to skip the wardrobe mullings below and go straight to the photos

Mullings: With a much more limited clothing budget than in previous years, this season I am especially interested in 1) finding ways to freshen up pieces that I already have with selective and minimal input, and 2) identifying pieces that aren't currently 10s in fit that would become so with alteration (of which there are plenty, since much of my wardrobe was built when I was a size larger; thank goodness oversized is in!). Then by extension, 3) actually getting those alterations done. I very much want to keep with the trendy aspect of my style, so the trick will be finding ways to keep feeling fashion-forward enough with limited new items (definitely going to have to select wisely) versus the higher turnover I usually have.

I'm also keen on finding ways to extend the wear for some of my favorite warmer weather pieces for the milder fall days ahead; many of my summer pieces are newer, and would help make some of my older fall pieces feel more current. I've been a couple years with virtually no layering and minimizing the number of pieces in an outfit, and now I'm feeling ready to return to a more heavily layered outfit here and there which should also help to extend some of those more summery pieces.

After wearing primarily new pieces this spring/summer season, it felt nice to pull out a couple of old favorites (and I have plenty of those in my fall wardrobe). As many of you know, I tend not to repeat outfits. But this coming F/W season I've decided to purposefully wear particularly favorite pairings more often and just change up the supporting act; my hunch is that some of my older pieces are going to need specific newer pieces to look forward enough for me. Still have a bit to sort out, but honestly so far this all makes me feel a bit trepidatious as I haven't taken this approach in years (like.. 5+). We'll see how it goes! If you stuck this all out, thanks for reading and I'd be very interested to hear any and all thoughts on this ^^

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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